About Toos Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Clinic

The rehabilitation physiotherapy complex of Toos Toos has been established since 1370 and is one of the first physiotherapy centers in Mashhad, which has been changed to the technical manager of the center since 2009. This center is providing services to patients and esteemed clients with the most advanced physiotherapy devices and with a new method. First, patients are evaluated and then treatment measures are taken. In this center, all neurological, orthopedic and cancer patients are provided with specialized services. A noteworthy point about cancer patients, especially after Breast Cancer breast surgery, is the development of lymph edema, which the center in Mashhad works on this problem in a specialized way, and the results of treatment are remarkable.
The center provides services in the morning and evening shifts. Correctional exercises are also taught in this center. Corrective exercises can not be done only after the onset of the disease, but sometimes before the onset of the disease can be helpful, for example, in the prevention of disease or occupational injuries in the telephone counseling center.

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Clinic